Sunday, May 10, 2015

Humming Your Way into Blessing

Is it possible to be both blessed and barren? 

At times, I stand knee-deep in gratitude for my home and my family yet feel the pulsing pain of a prayer unanswered for decades. 

I am not alone.

Isaiah 54 tells us that God feels our grief. What are the words He whispers as he pulls you close with compassion?


 Don't hold back.

Don' be afraid. 

God is declaring His Word over you. 

He will take every shard and "rebuild you with floors of shimmering mosaics" beneath your feet. (Voice Translation)

Take a single step future forward on the broken pieces. 

One foot placed intentionally, shaking with bravery, pressing through every holding-back thought. 

Open with a hum. 
Hum a little tune until you are able to expand your mouth wide with praise-filled melodies.

Be blessed barren woman.

Our God is able and willing to bless you, daughter of His Love.

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