Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What I Learned in March

~ I still love being home, pulling wide the curtains to see what morning has in store for me.

~ Setting intentions down on paper makes things happen. I am writing nearly every day. 

~ Weeding out "stuff" in my home makes room for new things in both my inner and outer world.

~ Grandmother love for this girl never diminishes. Delighted in having her here a couple days.

~ I'm never to old to dream. Starting a "Restless" study by Jennie Allen next week with six other women. Yay!

~ Keeping things before my face helps me immensely. On my fridge is a paper stating "Trust in Him and He will act." Below those words - fill in the blank with what I am placing in God's hands today. This visual keeps me practicing the art of letting go.

~ To follow after joy is a daily choice, sometimes moment by moment.

~ March is wild and windy. Actually I already knew this but why does it come as a surprise every winter?  I am glad its over.
Goodbye March 2015

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  1. Curious as to a restless study? Interesting. Yes, choosing joy is a daily thing!


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