Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rest and Reset

I find myself searching for rhythms of rest. I can't get settled. Over on FearlessLines I talk about that as related to creativity.

The past three days were filled with numerous conversations at a funeral, a hospital, a family's home, a motel and a restaurant, with hours of travel interspersed. Our last major stop was to check on our camper and travel the last leg of our journey, the three-hour trek home. 

As I unpacked this morning, I found myself putting things away in the wrong places. Everything took more concentration than normal. Then there's the  replaying conversations in my head of the past week, feeling like I wish I would have said less and listened more. Groan. I want to hibernate for the remainder of winter.

My entire body hurts from all the hours stuck in the car and sleeping on pillows not my own. 

I read my Kindle app on my iPad a lot while we were on the road. When I got home I opened my Kindle and pressed sync. Oila' the magic of electronics brought me to the exact page where I'd left off.  

I want to press the sync button to my body and spirit, causing everything to go back to the way it was a week ago. 

I'd gotten the hang of stretching each day to help my back, shoulders and hips. I felt better. My creative juices were flowing and I had lots of ideas. 

Today- not so much.

I tried a nap, to no avail and I probably should have avoided blogging as you can see. 

When you push the reset button on your satellite dish, it has to go through a long process of checking and restoring settings and functions. There are days we just have to push the reset button and wait.

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  1. I can sympathize with you in that my last week reeked havoc on my creativity as well....had the stomach bug then hubby had surgery and I continue waiting on him as he is getting it's snowing...Girlfriend, I think we just have to be quiet and wait for change....It will come....


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