Sunday, January 11, 2015

Simple Altars

For decades, the Word of God has been my anchor, my go-to place for encouragement, direction, and comfort. Normally I have a plan all set for the new year way before January. 
When January 1, 2015 arrived, I was still without a plan. I have a few devotional books that I read regularly so I turned to them. 
Words on a page.

About three days into the year, I came across a post about the "She Reads Truth" app. I had downloaded it months before but was disappointed because there was a price to the plan I wanted. However, a new plan was designed for this year and its free. Bible readings for 365 days.

That is so not my style. I've never been into "let's read for the sake of getting it done." Yet I felt a tug in that direction.

Today was day 11 and I discovered how to write notes in the app, too. I went back over the places that the Holy Spirit had highlighted for me throughout the week and noted them.
Then I wrote this question in my journal:

"What is God's story saying to me this week through these people's lives?"

I looked over my notes and there it was. 

He leads ordinary people daily. Altars were a place where God could bring heaven to earth through simple prayer. It was when they ventured out on their own, judging the situations according to human standards that they got in trouble, but many times God had their backs.

I loved the story of Abraham's servant who hadn't even uttered his prayer, but was praying in his heart. Before he finished God was answering. To be fair, other answers were long time coming.

But they came.

Simple prayers for wisdom are mine these days. 
Simple altars. 
My green chair, my head on the pillow at night, driving down the road or washing dishes (I know. I'm one of the few who still does this task by hand.)
Knowing that He hears when the words are only in my heart.

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