Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Making Room

I stumbled across a new blog (new to me) this morning containing three words which summed up the month of January for me.

Make room. 

There have been other words. 
 I've been praying for wisdom for 21 days.

I had a cold/flu since the day after Christmas. I'm starting to feel human this week.

Wait. Yes, that factored in. I knew I was waiting on all my usual new year's lists and goals.

But make room?
On days I experiences spurts of energy, I found myself drawn to weeding out. In 21 days, I packed up and sent out of my house a box of dishes, a tote of clothes and two large bags of books. Not to mention all the complaining from my hubby about the trash bags he has hauled to the shop dumpster.

I even broke my one resolution (order no books in January) and ordered a book about making room. Bless Amazon Prime :). The  Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up should arrive tomorrow.

What I'd forgotten is this process of letting go and weeding out and making room in my home affects my soul and permeates my spiritual journey.

I am making room for new ideas, clarity, time  and energy to do something about my dreams.

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  1. Wonderful wisdom and I love the analogy. The hard part for me is waiting. I get everything cleaned out but I want action right then...God is definitely teaching me to wait on Him...So glad you are feeling better..


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