Thursday, January 22, 2015

Begin Again

Tuesday afternoon I set an intention. 

Focus on my writing. 

I want this intention to stick and become a weekly ritual.

I pulled several books from my shelf on writing and read a bit in each. In response, I picked up my pen and began to free write. As the words flowed onto the page, my fears surfaced with clarity.

What if I'm not a writer?

What if I begin again and life happens with its detours and interruptions?

Am I wasting valuable time?

As long as I can recall, I've wanted to write. In one form or another I did. I kept journals year after year. I blogged faithfully - well almost. I joined a writer's group until it disbanded.

Over a year ago, I began to write a book. Then life happened and I placed it aside. The longer I ignored my book, more doubts grew.

On Tuesday afternoon, I wrote through the fear and set my intentions. An idea had been lingering in my thoughts for a couple of months - to join the Compel Training for writers. I went to the site, looked over the benefits and expectations and promptly joined up. Then I watched a couple of their videos.

Finally I dug out my fifty type-written pages and began to read aloud, making notes for changes as I did so. 

When I finished, I knew where to begin again.

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  1. Good for you....we are in the same boat believing our dreams could come true. Would you like to let's commit to encouraging each other?


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