Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Closing the Month with Joy

Suddenly I have all these ideas for blogposts! What's with that? Hubby is waiting for me to watch The Voice so I will make this one quick and pray I can hold on to this momentum for another time.
Autumn leaped into view this past week. I don't know when I have seen the trees change so quickly and then an 80 degree record-breaking weekend swept in to everyone's delight who lives in Maine.

Our September closed in celebration. we had been trying to have a birthday party for a few weeks now but sickness and circumstances circumvented the plans. On Saturday I awoke with anticipation of the big day.  My daughter and her daughters are life's greatest blessings to me. It is so wonderful to have a picture of the three of us with huge smiles.

Then the birthday girl arrived surrounded with balloons and covered in stars. Perfect!

                 All went well until she had a fall but somehow those bandaids make it all better. :)

We moved the party outdoors.

She danced as she tossed the money from her cards into the air. How do we lose all that joy as we grow up?

It was a wonderful day and a beautiful weekend to close out September. I will tuck these memories in my heart to warm me in the colder days ahead.


  1. I love the Birthday Girl With Balloons image!! Such a cutie.

  2. Is that Lily? She's changed so much! I love that first shot: three beauties from three generations.


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