Monday, August 18, 2014

Starting the Day with IF:Equip

The Word of God has been the single most important key in my life. I have found instruction, direction, correction, comfort, love and grace there. And peace. The Bible word for peace is Shalom. It carries the meaning of wholeness, health, prosperity, soundness of mind, freedom from agitation and discord, safety, tranquility, harmony, fulness and rest.

Isaiah 26:3 says "perfect peace" is mine when my mind is fixed on Jesus, trusting Him. That perfect peace is actually Shalom, Shalom.

Over at IF:Equip today a new study is beginning on Galatians. Paul begins by blessing the Galatians with Grace and Peace. Look at all he was saying in two little words. And words filled with the power to bring them to pass!

Every morning, I turn to my iPhone and watch the barely 2 minute video on IF:Equip where women share on the scriptures. It starts my day by turning my thoughts to Jesus and his Word. Won't you join me?

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  1. You weren't too late on the giveaway at my place. You won! Email me your address and I'll get it sent off to you. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a blessed day.


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