Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bridge of Hope

I am sitting at my desk looking at this photo. There is something about it that draws me. I snapped it on my walk today, not realizing my setting was still on black and white from the August Break challenge yesterday. 

I know that I am connected to it in some way. I look up from the keyboard in front of me and spot a book on my desk. The words on the binding are "Today is Day One." 

Yes, it is. 
Day One to count blessings of the present moment. 
I am grateful today for:
  • warm sunny day
  • half an hour with the Lord and His Word
  • sweet goodbye to my bestie
  • a walk with Kate, my trainer/friend
  • a favorite tv show with my lunch
  • few moments captured with hubby sitting in the sun
  • clean laundry
  • a neighbor's quick visit
  • Instagram which brings fun into my day
  • thoughts of my children and grandchildren 
  • the little yellow bird's daily stop at the feeder
  • flowers still blooming
  • chocolate always
  • provision
  • strength
  • plans for the camper tomorrow, Lord willing
There are many women across the world today suffering, lacking, fearing. Lord, I lift them up before you. Be their center, their comfort, their hope as you are mine. Help them see the bridge you have provided for this season in each of their lives. A small prayer for an enormous need to a huge God of Love.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your blessings and remembering those who could use a few more.


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