Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Less than 3,000 days!


My birthday is next month. I will turn 62.  There are 2,945 days between this very day and my 70th birthday. Less than 3000 days! 

Does that seem like a lot to you? Im willing to bet that you are either half my age or living life intentionally.

My oldest granddaughter graduated this past weekend. Talk about surreal. I can remember when she was a toddler bouncing around with little curls and determination. Now she enters a new phase of her life.  
As do I.

I am reading "Pursue the Intentional Life" by Jean Fleming along with the (in)courage Bloom Book Club. Jean gave me the idea to count my days. She quotes Henry Melville on Psalm 90:12.

"They will not apply their hearts to wisdom until they are brought to the numbering of their days."

I've been brought to the numbering of my days this past year or two. I ask the question posed by Jean in her book, "How will I live the rest of my life?"

With hope and joy, I pray.

On graduation weekend, as hubby and I drove back to our camper, a double rainbow appeared in the clouds before us for at least 10 minutes, one of which was completely full. Rainbows have always symbolized hope and new beginnings for me. I am taking this as a sign for my life and my daughter and granddaughter.

"Draw me to attentiveness", Lord. My days are made up of moments. Let me live and breathe deeply of each one. As Jean so aptly put it, You are the God of my endings and beginnings. As you add and subtract from my life in preparation for the season I am entering, "grace me" with the ability to let go and receive accordingly. (quotations from Jean Fleming)

P.S. I do plan to live beyond seventy, just to clarify, and Lord willing :)

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