Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#100 Happy Days with Intention

I've missed you dear Blog :), but I haven't given up. 

Today I am beginning 100 Happy Days. According to their website, 71% have started and dropped out. I will post daily on Instagram and occasionally comment over here.

My words of intention this week:


I am listening to myself talk and its not pretty. Oh, I'm not swearing or putting anyone down.  How easy it is to focus on problems rather than potential and promises! 

I am gathering resources. My scripture memory cards, Joyce Meyer's Cds Me and My Big Mouth," Joel Osteen's new book I Declare and the Jabez Prayer.

What started all this? 

A seed was planted when I watched Oprah's LifeClass with Joel Osteen. Something stirred within me so I bought the book when I went to Bangor last week.

During the three hour drive to Bangor, I listened to a set of CDs  by Kenneth Copeland on choosing your words. All of the sudden, I started listening to what I was saying about every day life.

I was stunned!

When did I get so slack about my words? I need to be intentional in what I say. 

This is going to take some work but I am beginning and what better pairing than to begin with 100 Happy Days at the same time.

Want to work on your words or intentions or happy days photos? Join me. Let's keep each other accountable. Drop a comment and let me know or connect with me over on Instagram - Artsyfaithchic.


  1. I'll join you! I am sick of hearing myself too! ;) I was thinking of doing something fun for summer from Memorial Day to Labor day on Instagram... This works in perfectly!

  2. What an interesting notion: paying attention to our own words. You'd think that something like that would come naturally. Thank you for planting that seed.

    I just read Amber's piece in the latest issue of Art Journaling. That's what prompted me to head on over here and reconnect. Well, that, and another thing. I just started my very first online class, and I think it might be one you and Amber would enjoy. It's called Be Still 52, is run by Kim Klassen, and is about intention and still life photography. If you'd like to take a look you can do so here:


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