Monday, March 24, 2014

Living with (Re-) Purpose

"I only deepen the wound of the world when I neglect to give thanks for early light..."
Ann Voskamp

I was excited to place my pen on the first page of a brand new journal this morning! The old me would have waited until April 1, somehow stretched out the previous one to make it work. Over the past year, I have made serious progress moving away from the need for perfectionism including perfect endings and beginnings.

As I wrote, I included the quote by Ann from "One Thousand Gifts." I am on my fourth reading of her book, this time reading it in small increments aloud. I began to thank God for the sunlight pouring in my kitchen window, giving the appearance of warmth although if I stuck my head out the door that myth would quickly disappear :)

I prayed for my granddaughter who has a lot on her plate right now. 
"Give me an undivided heart to praise you."
I knew my heart-prayer was mixed with worry, so I began to thank God for all the times He has taken care of her in the past.

"The other side of prayer." That's what Ann calls thanksgiving. I must be intentional in moving to the other side, Intentional in the giving of thanks.

Slowly I had a prompting to move away from my normal morning routine and dig out my visual journal. I hadn't touched it for five months.

Placing it before me on the table, I turned to the first blank page. I reached for the magazines stored in the box where I keep my journal. I knew my heart was calling for me to turn off my brain and pull, tear and glue pictures. So I did. Eight pages and two hours later, I was astounded at what lie before me. I wish I had glued my images on a new dream board.

An idea entered my head. I went to the copier with my journal and copied the color pages. I pulled out a piece of poster board and lay them side by side for another morning.

Something was taking place inside of me as I worked on these pages, unfolding, falling away, taking shape. 

A word surfaced:


What does that even mean? I read an article about New York City repurposing an old train track platform into a park where people can jog or walk and enjoy the area. 

Over the past year and a half my life shifted, in a good way, although through difficult circumstances. 
There was an emptying.

Re-purpose = to give a new purpose or use, to change something so that it can be used for a different purpose
            Merriam - Webster

Ann says that "something always comes to fill the empty places." I want to begin on the other side of prayer, counting those "grace moments" with gratitude. 

How do I do the rest? The re-purposing? Brene' Brown says to DARE TO NOT KNOW. 

When I don't know, its okay to rest and live with the questions. 

The point is to LIVE.


  1. It's beautiful to see the re-purposing happening right there in your journal - magazines turning into your creation, perhaps even dreams to come. Thank you for sharing this as a part of I Made This! Welcome to the circle.

  2. What a lovely post and a lovely page from your journal. It feels like sunshine and fresh air.

    1. Thanks Kavindra for your comment. I love the description- sunshine and fresh air :)

  3. A beautiful layout. It says Spring to me!

  4. A beautiful layout. It says Spring to me!

  5. Absolutely love the boots. They invite you to slosh about in the puddles! I'm in the midst of the Joy Dare Collection myself. It lightens my heart. Hope the same is true for you, too.

    1. Thanks. I will check out the Joy Dare!

    2. yes what a wonderful idea inspires me to get my art journal today and do a spring theme. I love collage and collecting images. congratulations in getting back to your creative practice and not waiting until the right time. it is the right time

      I also love re-purposing in my art... .Joy

  6. oh I love this so much, GraceGal! I am obsessed with cutting/tearing images and words out of magazines and using them in creativity. I love how you have made a dreamboard journal with what you were drawn to in magazines. Isn't it amazing how revealing and enlightening this process can be? Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is a very deep post. May your prayers be answered. It can be so powerful to let go and just create a dreamboard. Love yours


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