Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Afternoon

On the fun side of January 2014,  here is my life map poster for the year. Amber, Ken and I spent New Year's Eve making them. I loved theirs, but mine not quite as much as I did last year's map. I have my visual journal to work in and who knows I may create another life map at some point?

Another freezing rain storm has hit the state today, so I am enjoying being able to be home. I've heard their have been a thousand calls for Triple A in central Maine of cars off the road. We are in northern Maine and our yard is a sheet of ice. What a strange winter this is!

I am debating on working on billing or reading a good book. What a nice leisurely debate on a Saturday afternoon! Never far from my mind is the suffering of others.  I can truly appreciate an ordinary day, crutches and all.

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