Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Miss Pouty Princess

My daughter sent this picture to me  and I cracked up laughing. Notice the crown on Lily's head as she waits for her time out to end. Our pouty princess.

I can relate. This "time out" in my life is getting old.

My frustration levels grew this morning as I contemplated how I would get across our icy driveway to the car to go have my mammogram, which I had already cancelled three times. I have enough problems navigating on crutches in the house. Why am I constantly dropping things when it takes so much energy to bend over and pick it up?
Hubby's only backup, his brother fell on the ice yesterday and cracked a rib. This changes his flexibility to help me.  Would he be able to take me?

 And I stubbornly ignored my gratitude journal this morning.

Above is the scene as Hubby did drive me to town - dreary, dirty snow, rain. I arrived for my mammogram appointment without mishap.

Here is my gratitude list for today after all:

My cough is nearly gone. 
I am able to use crutches. It could have been worse.
I have a patient husband.
It's warm outside and the roads are clear.
Frustration level back down.
Lily still makes me laugh, even when I can't be there!
iPhone photos and facetime! I love them.

Pouty Princess.

I hope God is chuckling over me, like I did with Lily.

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